A Word of Encouragement for the 1.2%

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Those who voted libertarian this year, probably feel a little deflated, as we missed the 5% mark by a considerable amount. It would've been great to have that ticket into the debates of 2024. Alas, 1.7 million was not enough, but it's still 1.7 million. 1.7 million people who realize the system is broken.1.7 million people who believe the true power is in our own hands. 1.7 million people who can become the change we want to see in America.

The great thing about libertarian principles and values, is the system's power goes to the people. We don't need to wait for government approval to begin building. The biggest hesitation I've heard, when discussing a libertarian system, is trust. In suddenly ending the system, the way it is, where will the safety net be?

We make hypothetical claims that things are more efficient, in the hands of a free people. Now is the time to prove it. We can't be worried about who the credit goes to, just that the work gets done. We will never accomplish getting a libertarian into the white house, if the country does not have libertarian values. If there is no citizen responsibility, we will continue to depend on government power.

This is our time to shine. Show America what it truly means to be libertarian. To be compassion and justice oriented, on a personal level. To be invested in your community, and to give a damn about the way things are done. We are 1.7 million strong. Lets take back our country. Foster a culture of discourse and discussion, rather than argument and blaming. Hopefully by 2024, we will have put faith in the hearts of 1.7 million more. Let's use this time to build an alternative that people can experience and see.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

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