Christian Privilege

Imagine if the apostle Paul, while imprisoned in Rome – aching from infected stripes on his back from his latest lashing at the post – standing in sewage in prison, logged onto Social Media only to see carnal Christians using verses He penned to assure others that God wanted them to have whatever they wanted in life. Imagine the prophet Jeremiah (known as the weeping prophet), a man who took on the burden of Israel’s sin in intercession so intensely that he literally felt physical pain due to Israel’s spiritual illness, imagine him scrolling down Facebook and seeing Jeremiah 29:11 flippantly prescribed to anyone who wanted it – as if such a promise was available to anyone who claimed it. I wonder how the apostle Peter would feel if he saw Healing Evangelists and self-proclaimed prophets allowing masses to worship them – basking in the glow of gold while they board their private jets to fly to their vacation homes? Imagine the horror these men of God would feel to see the Word of God being used as though it were candy in a vending machine – able to be separated, selected, bought, sold, and consumed by consumers not looking for eternal life but for sweet blessings that will help them live the good life now!

Modern Christian music repeats God is for you every hour on the hour on multiple radio stations across the nations…but doesn’t the Bible say that God is angry with the wicked every day (cf. Psalm 7:11)? Famous televangelists assure you that God loves you because of how lovable you are…but I thought the Bible said that while I was still dead in my sin, God sent His only Son to die for me (cf. Romans 5:8, John 3:16)? Christian friends on Social media cherry-pick blessings that were initially assigned to Old Testament prophets, and yet they completely ignore the burdens that preceded the benefits those prophets received. One will argue that the New Testament is different because now, God wants Christians to be happy, healthy, and wealthy – citing Philippians 4:13 as their go-to verse in life while being innocently ignorant, or willfully blind to the fact that the apostle that penned that verse was getting ready to die a martyr’s death after having faced trouble ever since his conversion through Christ (cf. 2 Corinthians 11). Welcome to the world of Christian Privilege.

Christian Privilege entitles adherents to whatever they see in the Bible that they want: blessings, a happy life, fulfillment, good health, etc., etc., and why do they feel entitled to it? Because that was the gospel someone preached to them. Christian Privilege says that God should not allow trouble to come our way because we do not like trials and tribulations; instead of thanking God for our trials and tribulations, understanding that He uses them to move us to spiritual maturity and holiness. Christian Privilege demands that others acknowledge our spiritual gifts, as though God gave them to us because of anything that has to do with us and wants us to use them for our own notoriety instead of for His glory alone. Christian Privilege causes us to look down on those trapped in challenging circumstances because we think we named/claimed our way out of our trials- as if we will always get out of hardships because of our great faith. Christian Privilege puts us at the center of the universe instead of Christ: claiming blessings more than blessing God or others, loving self instead of loving God or others, and doing it ALL in the name of God!

Christian Privilege causes Christian’s with supernatural spiritual gifts to believe that they are somehow special and God, who is no respecter of persons (cf. Acts 10:34), respects them! Oh, how we need a John the Baptist to remind us that God can turn stones into children of Abraham (cf. Matt. 3:9) – we need an immersion into reality as God sees it! God spoke the universe into existence without a single prosperity preacher standing with Him in faith. Jesus was raised from the dead without a single faith-healer’s assistance; indeed, the most astonishing miracles God has performed (creation, immaculate conception, resurrection, regeneration, etc.) are performed exclusively by Him! Any spiritual gift God gives us is for the sole purpose of building up His church and pointing others back to Him (cf. 1 Corinthians 14); we should be so blessed to be used by Him!

Christianity puts the focus back where it belongs: on Jesus Christ! Brothers and sisters in the faith all over the world today, most of whom have faith that far exceeds our own, are imprisoned, sick, and ready to die for the sake of Jesus Christ. Christian Privilege wallows in bed on Sunday morning because it doesn’t feel it should have to be burdened by attending church in-person; after all, we can be blessed in our pj’s at home watching online (negating the fact that God wants us to go to church to see what we can give rather than what we can get)! No wonder the church in America is so sick today; she no longer identifies as Christ-like but culture-like with a dash of spirituality and absence of holiness. Friends, it’s time we repent for our Christian Privilege; may we humble ourselves before God and confess that we have acted like pampered children who expect to get our way and resort to petulance when we do not get our way. Let’s confess that we have made the church about US instead of Jesus – about gifts of the Spirit instead of holiness, about conversion instead of discipleship, about blessings instead of burdens, about healings instead of endurance, about prosperity instead of charity, about acceptance instead of repentance, salvation without regeneration, and about talent instead of anointing. Let’s repent for being so narcissistic that we believe that God should do things our way, on our time, by our faith, and our gifts – God pity us!!

May we rid ourselves of Christian Privilege and follow the homeless and penniless Christ to calvary every single day only then will we walk worthy of Him who has called us – not because we deserve to be called, but because He deserves to be served and obeyed! How about it, friend? Are you tired of living for yourself in the name of Christ? Be free from Christian Privilege, turn to Jesus in repentance, and find out what it means to be a follower of Christ – there is no greater freedom in the world than to be enslaved to Him!

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