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I Don’t Do No Voting

Ever since my good friend introduced me to the Grammy award-winning Kendrick Lamar album of 2015, “To Pimp a Butterfly”, my inner struggle and interest in topic such as politics, commercialism and nationalism have been re-ignited.

With the ongoing turmoil of both 2020 and the political climate of the last few years, it feels like the United States presidential election could be the biggest, defining moment of the 21st century so far.

At this point, I could either give you my opinion on which racist, old, senile, candidate from which corporate-sponsored, Wall Street serving, corrupt party I would choose to vote for if I was American. Or I could maybe tell you that sweet old message about how God is in control and in the end, it doesn’t matter.

But let's be honest - that‘s not actually going to help, or even interest anyone. Instead I would like to go back to my favourite rap artist, Kendrick Lamar Duckworth. Back before his famous 2015 album, a video circled of him talking about how “He don’t do no voting”, and I remember being outraged at the fact that he wouldn’t use his God-given right to vote, and about how so many people died to give him this right. He spoke about how he didn’t believe in anything that goes on in this world, and now that I am a lot older, I’ve experienced a lot more, and even learned more about the history of him and his people, I actually agree with him. 

Now I’m not saying I don’t agree with voting, but instead I’m saying I agree with his disbelief in the systems of the world, and those who uphold them and tell us that they can make our lives better.

But that being said, over the past few years I have also really struggled to vote for anyone out there. I’m someone who considers themselves not just pro-life, but actually pro-life, not just some who cares only for the unborn, but also the living. I’m also someone who is very anti-war, so I struggle a lot with voting for any party - because whether they claim to be pro-life or not, they tend to want to sell weapons and drop bombs a little too often for my liking.

These reasons, among many others, are why I distrust governments and politicians, and no party at the moment really represents where I feel I stand on most issues.

Recently that same friend who introduced me to “To Pimp A Butterfly” challenged me on my voting opinion of late, and now I live in a limbo because, although I’m not one to think that because I have Jesus everything is okay and one day, we will all fly away and be safe, I still believe in Jesus and his message to us to do good and cultivate good in the world.

So therefore, the question becomes -

”How can I stand by and not vote when people are being killed around the world, and there is homelessness, and children going to sleep hungry, and mass injustice out there?”

”How can I sit here and act so privileged, thinking that because I'm okay and it doesn’t directly affect my life that I cannot care about my immigrant neighbour, when the election has an effect on whether they can remain here or not?”

And “how can I not care enough to vote for the homeless people in my city who the government refuse to take care of, just because I am “saved” and am going to heaven one day?”

“I don’t do no voting” - well I guess this is still true, but I guess I'm just not sure what it means for me.

Do I “don’t do no voting” as in I don’t bother voting?

Or do I “don’t do no voting” as in I don’t believe in not voting?

I guess I am lucky to not be American because I still don’t have an answer yet, and we don’t have such a vital vote any time soon. The one thing I will leave you with is a request; if you, at this point in time or any time in the future, find yourself with such an important decision, please take two things into consideration:

One - Whoever you vote for doesn’t care about you, and Two - God put us here to steward the earth, so He’s probably not as in control as you think.

I hope you feel as comforted reading this as I did while writing it. 

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