The "Most Important Presidential Election"

It was the year 2000, and I was arriving in my homeroom for class one morning when something came across the television: "This is the MOST IMPORTANT election of our time!" My soul was filled with urgency: 'what will happen if the wrong candidate wins?' I pondered. In one of the closest presidential elections in history, George W. Bush defeated Al Gore, and would be the commander and chief for significant events in America! In 2004, I saw similar headlines; many Christian speakers and authors were promulgating the idea that if Bush lost the election, we would lose America as we know it. The battle lines became starker each election cycle: if you voted for the Republican candidate, you were voting for Christianity; if you voted for the Democratic candidate, you were voting against God.

As I sit at my desk on this beautiful September afternoon, I have been asked by concerned Christians to pray for tonight's presidential debate because: "This is the most important election of our time!" The reasoning goes something like this: Donald Trump wins, America will turn to God and be saved, but if Joe Biden wins, America's fate will be sealed, and we are all doomed. If this sounds all too familiar, it's probably because, in 2008, we were told the same thing: "If Obama wins the election, we are done!" Who could forget Dinesh D'Souza's polarizing documentary that landed in theaters all over the nation positing that if Obama won a second term, America was toast?! This author is not trying to persuade Christians which way to vote; rather, he leads to a different conclusion altogether.

As I sat in the sweltering heat in Uganda, awaiting the moment I was to preach, I was surrounded by local pastors who were sharing horror stories with me about the terror radical Muslims had been inflicting upon surrounding regions. With tears in his eyes, one pastor told me that a nearby river had recently been red from all of the blood from the martyrs who were slain by radical Muslims to the north. This pastor told me that he had just gone to Kenya for an important meeting where a Muslim leader met him. This Muslim leader was elated over some government shifts that had just occurred in the region (politicians who were pro-Islam had just moved into power) and asked the pastor what he did for a living. When the pastor told him he preached the gospel, the Muslim leader began laughing in his face and said sinisterly: "We are coming, you know we are coming, look who just stepped into power today!" The pastor looked at the Muslim leader in the eye and, without flinching, replied: "You serve these human-rulers who are here today, and will soon be gone, but I serve the King of kings and Lord of lords - His rule and reign will never end! Every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!" The Muslim leader sneered at the pastor and stomped off!

You may not have realized it, but for a moment there, your attention was no longer on America. Yes, there are close to two-hundred countries on this planet - it is not all about us. More importantly: it is not about Russia's Czar or Israel's Prime Minister, or about Germany's Federal Multiparty or the Supreme Leader of Iran. It's not about who the Vatican's Pope is nor even about America's President; it's about one King: Jesus Christ. The most important election already took place, and His victory was sealed more than two-thousand years ago when He defeated an undefeated opponent: DEATH. All presidents and rulers will die, but Christ - the King of kings and Lord of lords conquered Death and will never succumb to Death again: He reigns, forever victorious, hallelujah! As citizens of the United States of America, WE SHOULD VOTE; it's a privilege we have been given by the many who have given their lives to give it to us! As citizens of Heaven, however, we should not allow the outcome of a presidential election to impact or shake our faith because we don't serve the president of a country; we serve the King of kings and Lord of lords whose kingdom has no end: Jesus Christ! Christ will never be displaced from power or impeached from office. He will never be found to have had an adulterous affair or any unethical behavior; He is holy, perfect, and just!

The most important election already took place, but now we look forward to His inauguration when Christ returns for His church and establishes His kingdom on Earth! Indeed, our hearts cry: let your kingdom come, and your will be done on Earth, just as it is in Heaven! Even so, come quickly, Lord (and King) Jesus, amen! No matter who wins this presidential election, all we can do is our part, and put our hope, not in a human-ruler, but the eternal King who will continue to reign long after our next president is gone!

John Carosiello is a pastor, speaker, and author who graduated with honors from Liberty University with a Masters Of Divinity. Visit to learn more.

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