The Rhythm of the Heavens

God spoke: “Lights! Come out! Shine in Heaven’s sky! Separate Day from Night. Mark seasons and days and years”

Genesis 1:14

There is a rhythm to nature. While we fill our days with plans and schedules, nature plods along in its cycle. Sun rise and set, different phases of the moon, the change of seasons; nature is incapable of disobeying God. This rhythm is something I feel western Christianity has lost. We are so engrossed in figuring out the laws of God on paper, that we have forgotten the rhythm His laws set in motion, as time began. Why do we navigate our lives through man-made calendars, with months named after long-dead gods, and holidays that do nothing but stress us out?

I felt led to study passages about the time-keeping of God. What I learned is this: everything has to do with reading the heavens and watching the earth. In order to know when to mark the first of the year, you have to be aware of the sky while tending the fields. As the barley comes to head, watch for the new moon. When the smallest sliver begins to show, your month (and year) have begun. The number of days is counted by sunsets, not sunrises. When the next tiny sliver of a new moon shows in the sky, the next month has begun, and so on. Typically there are twelve months to a year, but every so often the calendar needs to be reset. A thirteenth month is added, when you come to the end of month twelve, and the barley still has not come to head.

I think this is an essential part of corporate worship. By aligning our day-to-day lives with nature, we follow the rhythm God is currently beating. Much like the planets are ever-rotating with the force of gravity, the church spins with Christ at our center. Our spheres and circles of influence are affected by the rhythm we choose to move to. What a glorious thing to have creation dance to the beat of the universe, all led by its Creator!

This brings me to the feasts, festivals, and sabbaths of God. I am reading through the book of Ezekial right now, and the thing that strikes me the most, is God’s anger towards those who disregard His holy days. I am one of those people. And to be honest, I’m not sure how to fix that. But it’s important to try, and I invite any other believers, who feel led, to do it with me.

To begin this journey, we can watch the heavens. We can count sunsets and look for new moons. Every seven days (Friday evening to Saturday evening) we can rest. Our journey will definitely be imperfect and ignorant at times, but at least we’re starting. God requires faith, not perfection. My prayer is He will reveal to us what it means to keep His time, in the way He commands. We can watch, wait, listen, and move, as one.

-This post was originally from the author's personal blog-

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