The Ways of God

After the divorce was finalized, I threw myself into a career. The pain of failure in my personal life, was too much. So I directed all my effort into something I could control. I did quite well and was able to buy a car, start paying off debt, and move into my own apartment. Yet the anguish from the last five years was still present.

At the suggestion of my pastor, I went to the book of proverbs. My hope was it would illuminate some secret to happiness I was missing out on. But the book of proverbs is not about how to have a happy life. It's about how to live an obedient life. As I read through the verses, it became clear I didn't even know what obedience looked like.

Everything I had built, relied on the job I had dedicated myself to. But that job had me doing exactly what Proverbs 1:10-16 warns against. It was a terrifying prospect. After much deliberation, I gave my two weeks notice. There was no plan on how to move forward, but the Lord is faithful. He provided a way.

What I needed was time and space to heal. I lived off savings and a part-time job for about three months. God and I worked through a lot of issues in that time. Right before the pandemic hit, my savings ran out. Once again, God provided. I had only gone through two weeks of training, when the governor announced the stay-at-home order. Everyone at my new job started working from home. The fact I was able to find a full-time position like that (without a college degree) still blows my mind.

Proverbs 16:19 "Better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, Than to divide the spoil with the proud."

There is a lot of 'spoil' to be had in America, and we're proud of it. The American dream is all about wealth and power. The wealth to build our lives the way we want, and the power to prevent anyone from interfering. The problem is, that way of life is a lie. Independence does not equal freedom. Everything we do (or don't do) affects the people around us, whether we acknowledge it or not. Systems of oppression exist because people buy into them.

We may excuse our own participation by donating to charities, going on mission trips, or helping the homeless man on the side of the highway. I'm not saying those things are wrong, but treating symptoms will never make the root problem go away. The only solution that will work, is obedience to God. We cannot serve two masters.

Giving up the American dream is costly, but it is what God requires of us, at this time. The freedom of America is biased and fleeting. Take one wrong step and it will be ripped from you without hesitation. The freedom of God however, can never be taken away. His provision is generous; His protection sure. The only thing he requires is our faith. Stop putting your faith in the systems of men. Instead, put your faith in the ways of God. We won't have all the answers up front, but God will provide a way. He will show us what to do, step by step.

-This post was originally from the author's personal blog-

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